New poem, calm and chill

Hey folks, thanks for stopping by today. I haven't written a lot of poetry lately, but I've got a bit of drive to write some nice calm, chill poems, perhaps to mitigate some of the madness and uncertainty we find ourselves living in right now. I hope you like it. Good Morning Sunset in reverse,Gaze... Continue Reading →

Flow State

Hey folks, long time no blog. I've been reflecting a lot lately about how I spend my time online, the relationships I build, and making sure the time and effort I put in adds value to what I do. Promoting my writing is a tough task, while I think my writing is great, communicating that... Continue Reading →

Indie Lit Survivor S01E04

Hey folks, we're back again for week 4 of Indie Lit Survivor. I've also gone back to University on top of full time work and raising a baby kiddo, so please excuse me for keeping it brief. Let the game carry on! So there we have it folks! The Amy tribe has leveled the game... Continue Reading →

Indie Lit Survivor S01 E03

Hey folks, we're back again for episode three of the first season of Indie Lit Survivor. If you haven't checked out the first two episodes, here's the rundown: Running parallel to Survivor 40: Winners At War, Amy M. Vaughn and myself have picked two all-star teams of Survivor contestants to battle against each other in... Continue Reading →

Indie Lit Survivor S01E02

Hey folks, welcome to this randomised fun little game Amy M. Vaughn and I are playing (using the term "play" very loosely here) in this simulated Survivor season to celebrate our fandom alongside the Season 40 hype train (not to mention the Australian Survivor All Stars also currently airing). So without further delay, here's how... Continue Reading →

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