Figuring Out Your Voice and Your Niche

I think a lot of writers as a whole want to sell books and get some sweet reviews and feedback such that writing can become your livelihood. I think the authors who tend to achieve this are rare and inimitable. Why bother doing their thing when you can do your own thing instead, even though... Continue Reading →


Writers, Do You Reread Your Old Books?

Back when my first book, House Hunter, was published in 2012 and I met some of my literary idols I heard talk from some authors that they never reread their books once they're published. At the time I thought it was weird, but when I look back at my track record, I've published... five novellas... Continue Reading →

When You’re Blessed By Reviews

I don't get a lot of reviews for my books. I think a lot of writers find reviews hard to come by. It certainly isn't easy trying to convince people your books are worth spending money on, let alone taking additional time out of your day to write down your thoughts about it into a... Continue Reading →

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