Book Review: Sightseeing by Michael Onofrey

I recently read Sightseeing by Michael Onofrey after picking it up on a 99 cent kindle sale. I didn't know much about it other than it was put out by Clash Books, and one thing I know about Clash is that they don't have a set type. Anything is possible. And I love going in... Continue Reading →


Survivor 39 At A Glance: Episode 3

SURVIVOR 39 EPISODE 3 SPOILERS BELOW Okay, so we're 3 episodes into this season and it's fun watching the theme grow into the season and the cast warm up into the game. This week's test from the Island of the Idols was a lot of fun to watch, more so than the first two tests,... Continue Reading →

Survivor 39 At A Glance: Episode 2

SPOILER WARNING FOR SURVIVOR 39 EPISODE 2 We're another episode down, and starting to see the season theme unravel a bit more. It was good to see the workings of the island of the idols this episode, how it may change throughout the season and how negotiations could work between the contestants and Rob and... Continue Reading →

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