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In addition to being able to buy my books in print from places like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Book Depository, or in Kindle form on Amazon, you can also purchase books directly from me.

As I live in Australia, and shipping to most parts of the world is relatively expensive, I’d like to make sure you get as much value for your money as possible. Yes, it costs more to buy direct from here than it does to buy from bookstores, but every package I mail out will be signed and personalised, will include stickers and buttons (as long as I have stock) and access to limited deals and exclusive chapbooks.

All prices are a flat rate including the cost of international shipping. If you would like to make a particular deal not listed below, please feel free to send me an email inquiry at: shanecart9 AT hotmail DOT com.

For sale:

Day of the Milkman: AU$15

House Hunter: AU$15

Poetry Chapbook: AU$2 (add on when ordering individual books)

2 Book Bundle (plus free poetry chapbook): AU$25

Limited Edition Milk Bundle (Day of the Milkman book with A4 poster, milk bottle, and poetry chapbook): AU$35 (8 only available)

Paypal your order to shanecart9 AT hotmail DOT com and include any significant details in the order.

Book coversIMAG0271

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