Post-Boredom: The Cultural Significance of Bizarro Fiction

INTRODUCTION This is the last of my three essays I wrote in the second semester of last year that I'll be posting here. I chose to share these three essays and not the ones I wrote earlier on in my course because last semester was all about the things I'm really interested in, and by... Continue Reading →

Frodo Lives: Where will online piracy end up?

A lot of people have been following the whole issue with SOPA/PIPA and online piracy that's been going on lately, and it seems to have a fair number of internet users in outrage, and while there are people on both sides of the argument, I'm firmly against how the American government have decided to handle... Continue Reading →

Author Spotlight: Steve Lowe

I'd like to take a moment to shine a light on a relatively new author making his mark on the bizarro scene: Steve Lowe. He released two novellas in late 2010; Wolves Dressed As Men from Eternal Press (it's not really bizarro), and Muscle Memory from the Eraserhead Press imprint, the New Bizarro Author Series.... Continue Reading →

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