Signed Bundles

Hey folks, as a small press author living in Perth, Western Australia, one of the biggest struggles I contend with is distance. Getting signed books into the hands of eager readers is often a costly and time-consuming process, so I’ve decided to put together a couple of bundle deals to help cut down the cost of shipping and pass those savings on to you. I’ve also got PDF copies of all the books readily available to counter the arduous journey spanning multiple story arcs that a book takes between leaving Australia and arriving elsewhere in the world.

For the ease of my American readers, the price of these bundles are in USD and include international shipping. All queries can be made to either my email ( or through twitter DM (@stcartledge) especially if you have any special requests or would like to customise your order. Or you can pick them up from my PayHip shop: here.

Bundle #1: Eraserhead Bundle – US$60

This bundle contains my three publications from Eraserhead Press.

House Hunter (2012, 104 pages)

The Orphanarium (2017, 226 pages)

Cherry Blossom Eyes (2019, 134 pages)

Bundle #2: Poetry Bundle – US$50

This bundle contains my two self-published titles, my poetry collection and my novelette/prose poem, and my narrative poem from Clash books.

Beautiful Madness (2015, 74 pages)

Wizard and Robot in the World of Sand and Bones (2016, 42 pages)

Pixel Boy in Poetry World (2019, 102 pages)