Three Reads, New Manuscript + Other Things

Just a quick update: I participated in Jamie Grefe's new blog series 'Three Reads' where each author recommends three books from their recent reading list. I cannot recommend my three books enough, so I strongly suggest, if you haven't seen it already, that you go over there and check it out: Three Reads w/ S.T. CartledgeAnd... Continue Reading →

Knights of Sidonia, etc

Today, I'd like to talk a little about anime. I'm an anime and manga fan, and there are a few things going on at the moment which I find really exciting.Knights of Sidonia is a spectacular sci-fi manga written by Tsutomu Nihei. This is the longest thing he's written, but everything he does is larger-than-life... Continue Reading →


Don't buy my book, House Hunter. I've got a whole bunch of them I just want to give away.I'd like to propose a deal: If you buy my new book, Day of the Milkman, today or tomorrow, on Amazon (paperback/kindle, I don't care!) or Book Depository, or wherever you go for books online, I'll mail... Continue Reading →

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