Kaiju Haiku update


There’s a bunch of people on Facebook who have been kicking ass at coming up with Kaiju haiku. I don’t know how many people were doing it because of the contest or how many people were doing it because they saw others doing it and thought it looked like fun. There’s been a mix of both.

At first I saw this as a contest where we would each take turns, but in the time it takes me to see one person’s haiku, some of them┬áhave already got a second or third up online.

Some people (not naming names *cough* Jess McHugh *coughcough*) have posted something like seven haiku when I was only really looking for three.

I think there have been nine separate people who have posted poems since the #kaijuhaiku started, and I’ve got something like a dozen haiku I haven’t yet responded to.

I plan on responding to every one of these as long as I can keep up with them.

Check it out on Facebook: #kaijuhaiku

Original post

When I get on top of some of these haiku and when I get in touch with Josh Myers (the haiku champ) I’ll have some more updates and hopefully some prizes claimed.