Book Review: The Honeymoon Gorillas by Rhys Hughes

I wasn't sure what to expect with this book. It's a weird western, I guess you'd call it. But it's also a bit of a post-modern hodge-podge of literary tomfoolery. The humour works around the wording of a lot of the characters and places, the figurative and literal, and it comes across very much like... Continue Reading →

Three hot new blurbs for Pixel Boy in Poetry World

Hey folks, I'm stoked to share that I've got some more prerelease feedback coming through on my new book, Pixel Boy in Poetry World (preorder from Clash Books, Indiebound, Amazon, or Amazon AU). I asked, and they delivered, and I feel truly lucky to be in contact with such kind, awesome folks. From Madeleine Swann,... Continue Reading →

This Week in the Manifold: April 28th

I started off this week with a review of Carlton Mellick III's Clownfellas, which I read right after CV Hunt's similarly weird clown story, Other People's Shit. Then I shared a few thoughts about seeking blurbs for your work (a orocess I hate) and the first review of Pixel Boy in Poetry World, courtesy of... Continue Reading →

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