Review: You Are Sloth! by Steve Lowe

You Are Sloth! Steve Lowe Eraserhead Press, 2013 131 pages HAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!! Bizarro is pretty cool and all, but this book mixes cool and dumb and huh and smart in the best way possible. It's written in the second person point of view. YOU are Sloth! Why second person? Because fuck you is why! This is... Continue Reading →

Review: Colony Collapse, by J.A. Tyler

Colony Collapse J.A. Tyler Lazy Fascist, 2013 128 pages I've had this book sitting around for quite a while, but I only got around to reading it recently. I'm like that with a lot of books. Especially if I'm not overly familiar with the author. I started it a few times, but never really sunk... Continue Reading →

Review: Chick Bassist,

I finished reading this book yesterday. I read it on and off for about a couple of weeks. It's not a long read, and you could easily bang it out in a couple of hours. I probably would have preferred it more like that. However, I found reading it in short bursts to be pretty... Continue Reading →

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