Awesome vs Amazing: A brief note on phenomenology

So, I've finished my bachelor of arts (humanities) majoring in literary & cultural studies and creative writing. I've done three years of semiotics. In that time I had one class that briefly touched on a couple of other methods for approaching literary analysis. One was psychoanalysis (Freud, Lacan, and all of them guys obsessed with... Continue Reading →

Review: Eyeballs Growing All Over Me… Again! By Tony Rauch

You know that brand of horror that is not so much frightening as it is weird? Think of Goosebumps. Those books are simple, poorly written pulp/trash horror for kids. They've got some reasonably good ideas (albeit somewhat cliched) and decent (formulaic) plot twists. Basically, the books are real page-turners for kids. People have said about... Continue Reading →

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