Little Hobbits

This kid stomps his way through the library to the most adventurous section of the quiet reading area and sits down with The Hobbit. He looks nothing like Bilbo Baggins. But the way he acts, with a blanket wrapped around his neck like a travelling cape, he looks exactly like Bilbo Baggins.

Self-Publishing and DIY/Underground Culture

I'm going to come right out and say that I think if you're looking to write the next great American novel, there's probably a good chance you won't self-publish it. It could very well be that you could write the next great 21st century novel as a self-published novel. I think 21st century literature has... Continue Reading →

My Year In Books: January

This year I have read a lot of books. I was really quite pleased with my effort. Most of the things I've read have been pretty top notch, there's been a lot of weird stuff, a ton of awesome stuff, and a lot of styles and genres I've never given much thought until this year.... Continue Reading →

Ceci n’est pas une man

Ok, today I'm talking about men. Well, I'm not really talking about men, but bear with me a moment. Men do not exist. In some sort of Baudrillardian high concept take on this subject, we can't really talk about men because they don't exist. But surely I am a man? Some people may consider me... Continue Reading →

NaNoWriMovember Reflection

This is the third year I've completed NaNoWriMo. This year really tested me, and I pulled all my dirty tricks out of the bag to make it over the 50k line. So what did I write? Two shitty essays. One about a writer's potential, and one about fan fiction. One shitty novella. The start of... Continue Reading →

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