Author Spotlight: Jordan Krall

When I started reading bizarro, I bought and read three books to kick things off. The first one was "Lost in Cat Brain Land", by Cameron Pierce. The second was "Satan Burger", by Carlton Mellick III. The third was "Squid Pulp Blues", by Jordan Krall. Squid Pulp Blues is a mess of three weird, dark,... Continue Reading →


Double-Sided Review #1: In Watermelon Sugar and Ugly Heaven

I thought I'd like to introduce something new to my blog, to break up the dreary essays/assignments/loosely compiled rambling thoughts with something I might actually be able to maintain glares at those month-by-month bulk review drafts going nowhere and the reviews I put up here usually wind up on goodreads and amazon too, and sometimes... Continue Reading →

The Big Reveal

This is the last in my 1000 word blog posts I did for my Creative Non-Fiction class. I'll probably also post my major project for that class up here once I'm finished. I had to write about what I learned over the course of the semester. - Lately I've been watching magic videos on youtube.... Continue Reading →


The old man went fishing for intelligence. He took his row boat out into deep waters - where the deep thoughts were, and dropped his brain anchor overboard. His fingers trickled through his bucket of bait and pulled out a bit of grey matter to fix to his hook. He cast his line out and... Continue Reading →

One Pill, Two Pill, Red Pill, Blue Pill

Here's another blog I wrote for my creative non-fiction class. This one had to involve our thoughts (either positive or negative) on a set text for the unit. I went with Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: Let me tell you about Nugget Diving. It's the difference between Gonzo and News. It's the difference between... Continue Reading →

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