Book Review: This Census-Taker by China Miéville

Available from Amazon "In a remote house on a hilltop, a lonely boy witnesses a profoundly traumatic event. He tries—and fails—to flee. Left alone with his increasingly deranged parent, he dreams of safety, of joining the other children in the town below, of escape. When at last a stranger knocks at his door, the boy... Continue Reading →


Progress report: Week ending 18th Mar 2018

Currently reading: Unlanguage by Michael Cisco Books read this year: 19 Author's note #1: I've been reading this book for a while now. Most of the books I read are usually somewhere around 100-200 pages long. I read a lot of poetry. A lot of the stuff I read is really easy to rip through.... Continue Reading →

Review: Polymer by Caleb Wilson

Available from Amazon "You've seen monster hunts before. You've watched as a guy with throwing axes and ninja stars ascends stairs to fight a big furry werewolf with tentacles or a floating head of indeterminate origin. You've seen hunters. But you've never seen Polymer. Polymer's got style, Polymer's got sex appeal, Polymer's got panache. And... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Gods of the Dark Web by Lucas Mangum

Available from Amazon "From the author of Engines of Ruin, comes a dark suspenseful novel for fans of Black Mirror, Edward Lee and cosmic horror. The internet is a scary place. Beneath Facebook and Twitter is another world. One in which anything can be obtained—for a price. A community of black markets, depraved pornography, and death. This is... Continue Reading →

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