Progress report: February 2018

Currently reading: At Least I Get You < In My Art by Christoph Paul & Unlanguage by Michael Cisco Books read this year: 17 Books read this month: Rarity From the Hollow by Robert Eggleton I Have No Idea What I'm Doing by Andrew Wayne Adams Polymer by Caleb Wilson Gods of the Dark Web... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Life Is What Happens Between Advertisements by Brian Auspice

Available from Amazon "It’s a curious thing, existing in several places at once. One minute you’re drinking Tropicana, the next minute you’re running over pedestrians in a Ford patrol car as you cruise the veins of an industrial wasteland towards a convenience store that specializes in selling yardsticks. Then there’s Steve. He works at the... Continue Reading →

Progress report: Week ending 25th Feb 2018

Currently reading: Winnie by Katy Michelle Quinn & Unlanguage by Michael Cisco Books read this year: 16 Words written this week( long fiction): 3,598/3,500 Words written this month (long fiction): 11,882/14,000 Short fiction yearly goal: 7,205/26,000 Words written this year: 32,564/208,500 Work in progress: CBE - 3,901   Author's note: After falling way behind on... Continue Reading →

Book Review: I Will Burn You Down by Michael Allen Rose

Available from Amazon "Collected here for the first time, you will find the patreon reward chapbooks of Michael Allen Rose for 2017. Bizarro. Horror. Weird literary madness. Plays. Syntax. Stories. Absurdism. Sink pirhanas. Weird beards. Floating children looking for their demon daddy. Unbeatable chickens playing tic-tac-toe. Nightmares, and dreams, and smut, and insanity; it's all... Continue Reading →

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