Random album review: Bakudan Johnny

かなしみのない場所へ BAKUDAN JOHNNY https://open.spotify.com/album/6Wd7Qv2wV56Faul1Wm9Gez?si=_tYT_oroQfuuR9MhGAE4KA Hey folks, welcome to my woefully sporadic and unapologetically non-conforming blog. I guess I'm just chasing some form of blogging outlet which carries both authenticity and consistency. 8 or 9 years in and I'm still figuring it out. Anyway, I had a bit of free time tonight to get some housework … Continue reading Random album review: Bakudan Johnny

Terror Mannequin by Douglas Hackle

Douglas Hackle writes from beyond the point of madness. His logic is deeply rooted in absurdism, twisted and distorted in ways which bring his voice a distinctly unique flavour. Terror Mannequin by Douglas Hackle Terror Mannequin is a horror story which connects its readers with a handful of familiar tropes, with haunted houses on halloween … Continue reading Terror Mannequin by Douglas Hackle