The Pixel Poet: Day of the Tentacle

Hey folks, continuing on with my poetry posts with a videogame theme to promote my new book Pixel Boy in Poetry World, I've dug out another poem based on a game I loved playing as a kid: Day of the Tentacle. I wrote this one when I was getting right in the thick of some... Continue Reading →

Anticipating Survivor 39: Island of the Idols

So, now that Survivor 38 has wrapped up I've got a few things to help tie me over until Survivor 39 comes out. I haven't started watching Survivor South Africa season 7 yet, but it's on my to-do list. Actually, I haven't seen any Survivor SA yet, but I've heard good things. I also believe... Continue Reading →

Throwback Thursday: Akira

I've enjoyed reading books for a long time, but it wasn't until my adult life that I started reading graphic novels and manga (and by extension, watching anime). The first manga I picked up was the hefty six-volume cyberpunk epic, Akira. And what I didn't realise at the time was that this manga was bigger... Continue Reading →

Motivation Monday

Hey folks, so the blog has been going pretty steady for a while now, and I've come across some road blocks here and there. Navigating factors of time and motivation and priorities and trying to bring a positive and helpful tone to the blog. In the past I've gone into each week with a loose... Continue Reading →

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