Becoming the Kind of Writer You Want to Be

Hey folks, today I'm going to the Evolve Pop Culture Convention in Perth, at the Cannington Convention/Exhibition Centre. Now, it's been a while since I've attended a convention. I've done one big one in the past (way too expensive for me at the time) and a few small ones. I haven't been to this one... Continue Reading →

Get A Plan Together You Fuckin Asshat

A lot of the time when I blog about writing it's because I want to say something to myself which I feel like may have value for others to read. Now is no exception. I've been learning to kick my ass into gear and make motivation a byproduct of my writing, not the driving factor.... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Block is A State of Mind

I'll tell you what, I stopped believing in writer's block a long time ago. Writers exist in two separate states of being: "writing" and "not writing". Writer's Block is the illusion of a perpetual state of "not writing". There may be a variety of reasons or excuses as to why you're not writing but I... Continue Reading →

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