Book review: Fortune Box by Madeleine Swann

  Available from Amazon June 1st "No one knows where or what Tower Ltd Surprise Packages is or why it’s sending gifts to complete strangers across The City. All they know is that each package is the best thing that’s ever happened to them…or the worst. In one box is a packet of seeds that... Continue Reading →

Book review: Aetherchrist by Kirk Jones

Available from Amazon "The digital era: Analog is all but dead, but the rusted towers still strobe on the evening horizon. They project a conflicting myriad of hope, despair and eyeless ghouls who claim to see the world in gigahertz. A small town in Vermont broadcasts prophecies of its residents’ deaths. Rey, a cutlery salesman,... Continue Reading →

Progress report: Week ending 20th May 2018

Currently reading: Duluth by Gore Vidal Slowly but surely I'm getting through this book. Over the past couple of weeks my writing has been far more productive than it has been in months, and the results so far have been making me very happy. So I've been sacrificing reading time for writing time. While the... Continue Reading →

Book review: Winnie by Katy Michelle Quinn

Available from Amazon "Winnie and Colt forever. Winnie is Colt’s one and only, Colt is Winnie’s true love. Winnie is Colt’s rifle. There is nothing Winnie wants more than to please Colt and since a rifle is everything the young cowboy’s ever wanted, she certainly does that. But one day Winnie finds that she is... Continue Reading →

Progress report: Week ending 13th May 2018

Currently reading: Duluth by Gore Vidal I'm back to reading this book for pleasure after reading Andrew James Stone's completely wild and insanely imaginative forthcoming Strangehouse Books release, All Hail the House Gods. I'm in a really good writing rhythm at the moment, so my reading rate might slow down a bit, but I'll try... Continue Reading →

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