That Old Chestnut: My first published book which I don’t talk about any more

Hey, so it's no big secret that small press books can be very hit or miss. A lot of your success or failure comes down to your author brand and how you market yourself/your work. You could sell a hundred copies, you could sell a thousand copies, you could sell ten copies. I've been writing... Continue Reading →

Narrating Survivor: Season 38 Episode 6

After loosening things up a little here on my blog, I want to spend more time talking about media which really fascinates/excites/inspires me. I restrain myself from openly discussing Survivor too much on social media to the extent that I don't really talk about it at all. Occasionally I'll check in with a Survivor fan... Continue Reading →

Clean Slate, New Mindset

Okay, so those of you who stop by once in a while and read this blog, thank you. I want to clear a few things up going forward. Over the years I've really enjoyed sharing the books I've read and the community that I've held, but blogging, like certain facets of social media, has felt... Continue Reading →

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