Tumors and Diegeses

A review of Tumor Fruit, by Carlton Mellick III, followed promptly by a review of Diegeses, by D. Harlan Wilson. Tumor Fruit is Carlton Mellick's island survival story. It's also a science fiction novel. Set on another planet passing through our galaxy, a space shuttle full of Earth tourists crash lands in the acid-ocean of … Continue reading Tumors and Diegeses

Competition: Golden Ticket for Imaginationland

Think of this like a raffle. Except the tickets are a bit more expensive than $2. And the tickets aren't actually tickets. They're books. Specifically: This book. All you need to do is purchase a copy of the book (or multiple copies, to boost your chances), and email me at shanecart9 AT gmail DOT com … Continue reading Competition: Golden Ticket for Imaginationland