You’ll never guess what books these readers also bought!?!

Or maybe you will. Amazon has started to show me a list of books people have been buying alongside Day of the Milkman, and I just thought I'd highlight some of my favourites and include a few comments. For paperback: The Cheat Code for God Mode by Andy De Fonseca She is part of the... Continue Reading →


Review: You Are Sloth! by Steve Lowe

You Are Sloth! Steve Lowe Eraserhead Press, 2013 131 pages HAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!! Bizarro is pretty cool and all, but this book mixes cool and dumb and huh and smart in the best way possible. It's written in the second person point of view. YOU are Sloth! Why second person? Because fuck you is why! This is... Continue Reading →

The Next Big Thing

I was tagged by Laura Lee Bahr, author of the 2011 Wonderland award winning novel “Haunt” for The Next Big Thing, a continuous string of blogs/interviews of 10 standard questions for writers on their current/next work. 1) What is the title of your book? House Hunter 2) Where did the idea come from for the... Continue Reading →

Author Spotlight: Steve Lowe

I'd like to take a moment to shine a light on a relatively new author making his mark on the bizarro scene: Steve Lowe. He released two novellas in late 2010; Wolves Dressed As Men from Eternal Press (it's not really bizarro), and Muscle Memory from the Eraserhead Press imprint, the New Bizarro Author Series.... Continue Reading →

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