Book Review: Long Night At Jade’s Diner by Lucas Mangum

The night may be long but this story is short. It's also a far cry from the last story I read by Mangum (Gods of the Dark Web) which shows a great sign that he's comfortable with changing pace and style and genre when it suits. This story has the feel of the classic American... Continue Reading →

Book Review: the Drip Drop Prophet by Austin James

I read this book late last year, so this review is long overdue. This book is weird and wild, a technicolour blood splatter, with the central story being about a man whose sexual obsession for a toaster oven spawns a cult and quickly grows beyond his control. It's gross in that surreal bizarro sort of... Continue Reading →

When You’re Blessed By Reviews

I don't get a lot of reviews for my books. I think a lot of writers find reviews hard to come by. It certainly isn't easy trying to convince people your books are worth spending money on, let alone taking additional time out of your day to write down your thoughts about it into a... Continue Reading →

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