Blueberry Cat-Shake

They passed a law three years ago that outlawed the destruction or burial of dead cats. They said it was because cat heaven was full. Because of the popularity boom from the internet days. As a result, the taxidermy business is thriving, and dead cats stare us down from everywhere. The best taxidermists turn the... Continue Reading →

Brain Harvest, by G. Arthur Brown

The field was vast and barren except for the long rows of human heads sticking up from the topsoil like cabbages. Blake stood perfectly still enjoying his fifteen minute break, his helmet’s blast visor in the down position. He switched on the built-in drinking fountain inside his protective enviro-suit to quench the thirst he had... Continue Reading →

50 Shades of Bond

It was a phenomenon, suburban porn, that book that brought leather and sadomasochism to the middle-aged women of this world. I'm talking about another world where Ian Fleming is alive and kicking and burning through his James Bond novels, one a year since his suited debut in 1953. And this was a time where, fifty-something... Continue Reading →


The old man went fishing for intelligence. He took his row boat out into deep waters - where the deep thoughts were, and dropped his brain anchor overboard. His fingers trickled through his bucket of bait and pulled out a bit of grey matter to fix to his hook. He cast his line out and... Continue Reading →

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