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House Hunter


Day of the Milkman


Beautiful Madness


Kaiju Canyon

Short Fiction


Pterodactyl Eggs in the Supermarket at Bizarro Central

The Expansion Peach at The New Flesh

Two Watermelon Hats Dripping Juice and Reflecting Moonlight That Turns All Who Wear Them Into Bluebottle Jellyfish at The Mustache Factor

Angels of the Toilet Bowl at The Mustache Factor

Thorquake (a ‘Felix and the Sacred Thor’/’Shatnerquake’/’BizarroCon’ fan fiction) at Daydreaming In Text

Johnny Depp: Solar System at The Mustache Factor

Once Upon A Time On Mars: Part One at Goodreads (web series)

Pterodactyl’s Last Stand at Goodreads (collected short stories and poetry)


The Cows Are Hungry at Comet

Plaception (a ‘Placenta of Love’/’Inception’ fan fiction) at Bizarro Central and Spike Marlowe (part two and part three)

Soft Serve Hot Pursuit at Comet

The Full Born at Butt Shark University

John Hurt at Bizarro Central

Tower-in-Laws at The Mustache Factor

The Last Librarian at The Strange Edge

The Sinking at Bizarro Central


Whoville Maximum Security Prison in the Magazine of Bizarro Fiction #9


The Pets of the Missing Beast at the Strange Edge


The Butterfly Effekt in the Bizarro Zombie Anthology That Wouldn’t Die

Wizard and Robot in the World of Sand and Bones in the Four Gentlemen of the Apocalypse anthology


Overgrown in the Wishing Weird anthology



Eyeballs Growing All Over Me… Again! in Surreal Grotesque Issue 2

Gigantic Death Worm in Surreal Grotesque Issue 3

Tekkon Kinkreet in Surreal Grotesque Issue 0

A Town Called Suckhole in the Magazine of Bizarro Fiction Issue 6 (print)


Rebuilding Neo-Tokyo: The Search for Normality in the Apocalypse of Akira

Welcome to Vulgaria: The ‘Real’ (Irreal)  Suburban Simulacra of Blankety Blank

Post-Boredom: The Cultural Significance of Bizarro Fiction


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