New Bizarro Author Series 2012/13

We are the Bionic Six!

From left to right: G. Arthur Brown, S.T. Cartledge, Tamara Romero, Andrew Wayne Adams, J.W. Wargo, and Gabino Iglesias.

G. Arthur Brown is the author of Kitten:

It’s the story of a pill-popping mother, an estranged father, their hapless son and his kitten, which is not a kitten.

No. It’s the story of a kitten that IS a kitten on a Steel Planet he does not understand, accompanied by oddball companions on a quest to return home, seeking revenge.

Stop! You’re both right. Kitten combines darkly personal and surreal psychodrama with zany adventure and absurd satire, adding to the mix a father-in-law who refuses to die and an ugly neighbor with fish for hands. Can Trevor enjoy the next episode of The Oversea Adventures of Pirate Piet? Does Willoughby make a fashionable hat for giant pandas? Only Kitten holds the answers.

Tamara Romero is the author of Her Fingers:

A red-haired witch with steel fingers, dragged unconscious from the currents of the Adrenaline River. An isolated researcher suffering from a disease called, the Gag. Covens of stoned witches dancing to techno in the forest. A punk whose specialty is replacing body parts with metal replicas. Sleepwalkers who don’t want to wake. Trees hiding a filthy secret—the result of a perverse dictator’s mind. A pink spy-swan, monitoring every move. A lyrical, dark and charming bizarro story of intrigue and discovery from a dimension just beyond ours.

Andrew Wayne Adams is the author of Janitor of Planet Anilingus:

In a galaxy where everyone is Roman Catholic and sexual fetishes are celebrated on a planetary scale, the fate of all life rests in the hands of one man: Jack—janitor of Planet Anilingus. All Jack wants to do is his job. But his desires quickly change when he meets a weird, sexy woman and the mysterious killer who wants her dead. After being fired and replaced with an idiot, Jack fights to survive in a world of perpetual erections, anal pregnancies, possessed pigs, and competing Gods. It’s a battle that will lead him to the heart of his planet, and into history in a mildly disgusting, 2001: A Space Odyssey sort of way.

J.W. Wargo is the author of Avoiding Mortimer:

Rest in Processing…
Mortimer has tried his whole life long to avoid everything. He’s estranged from his undead family, stuck in a shitty job, and his only friends are ants. Mortimer decides to avoid the rest of living. But it turns out there is much more to avoid after suicide—Eternity in a body-making factory, a soul-hungry ant blob, God and his minions, the Afterlife, and even what lies beyond it. Aided by a sentient pile of dreadlocks, his acquired skills, and dumb luck, Mortimer attempts to avoid everything—and does a miserable job of it. A bizarro adventure story about life, the afterlife, the after-afterlife, and avoiding it all—especially the parts like working as an aglet-biter, or drinking shots of Holy Fuck.

Gabino Iglesias is the author of Gutmouth:

He has a mouth in his gut. An obnoxious, toothy, foul-mouthed, pig of a mouth. Luckily, his girlfriend doesn’t seem to mind. Marie, the one-legged stripper and cyber-prostitute love of his life is very accepting of it. And then a little too accepting. What would you do if your girlfriend cheated on you with the voracious yapper under your belly button? If you live in Gutmouth’s world—a bleak city where gruesome, spontaneous mutations are no big deal, klepto-roaches take anything not tied-down, drugs turn pain into pleasure, consumers are tortured for growing food, and your best friend is a misogynistic rat-man—you might do something crazy. And what if you got caught?

S.T. Cartledge is the author of House Hunter:

Finding a good house is a house hunter’s job. If you want a great house, you need Imogen. She’s the best at capturing young houses and training them to be homes. But all of her skills will be tested when the Association goes after the mythical Jabberhouse in order to breed houses in captivity. With a mysterious helper, Imogen and her house fight to stay alive and keep houses free.
A bizarro adventure, with cockroach people, spider-cars, assassins, house-fights, and a big-ass castle stomping into battle against an ancient temple. House hunting has never been so weird.


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