Book Review: Nails by MP Johnson

Available from Amazon "A sad comedy about the lonely, messy business that happens on the way to understanding and accepting one's true gender." Nails is a work of incredible bravery and ultimate tragedy. It's a heartbreaker. It follows the story of a crossdresser who travels interstate to live out their secret desires because they're too... Continue Reading →


Progress report: Week ending 14th Jan 2018

Currently reading: Church of Latter-Day Eugenics by Chris Kelso and Tom Bradley Books read this year: 3 Books read this week: Jimbo Yojimbo by David W. Barbee & Nails by MP Johnson Words written this week( long fiction): 1,579/3,500 Words written this month (long fiction): 5,278/15,500 Short fiction yearly goal: 2,657/26,000 Words written this year:... Continue Reading →

Progress report: Week ending 7th Jan 2018

Currently reading: Jimbo Yojimbo by David W. Barbee Books read this year: 1 Words written this week( long fiction): 3,699/3,500 Words written this month (long fiction): 3,699/15,500 Short fiction yearly goal: 2,122/26,000 Words written this year: 5,821/208,500 Work in progress: SMBC - 14,330 Poems written this month: 2/10 Poems written this year: 2/120

Goals for 2018

Hi all! Welcome to 2018. 2017 saw two new books from me in the Orphanarium (Eraserhead Press) and Girl in the Glass Planet (Bizarro Pulp Press). Despite these publications going through, 2017 was a tough year. My review game was weak (both writing and receiving reviews) and my sales definitely could have been stronger. I... Continue Reading →

Bizarro Sci Fi Competition

Hey people, I hope you had a fantastic year! I'm rounding off 2017 with a little competition. If you pick up one of the two bizarro sci fi books I released this year, "The Orphanarium" or "Girl in the Glass Planet", I'll select one of you at random and send a $10 Amazon voucher your... Continue Reading →

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