Book Review: Is Winona Ryder Still With the Dude From Soul Asylum? and Other LURID Tales of TERROR and DOOM!!! by Douglas Hackle

So the author asked me if I'd like to read this book for review purposes a long-ass time ago. I said sure. I added it to my to-be-read pile. I looked at the title and felt like I knew nothing about what this book was about. I don't know much about Winona Ryder and if... Continue Reading →

Book Review: the Drip Drop Prophet by Austin James

I read this book late last year, so this review is long overdue. This book is weird and wild, a technicolour blood splatter, with the central story being about a man whose sexual obsession for a toaster oven spawns a cult and quickly grows beyond his control. It's gross in that surreal bizarro sort of... Continue Reading →

Drawing Inspiration

I always feel strange about drawing inspiration from the things I love, as I don't want to be the one who ventures too close and ends up doing more of a rip off than crafting my own thing. The more I write and the more I tune in to my vision for my stories, the... Continue Reading →

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