The Chronology of My Books

So I’ve been writing and publishing Bizarro since November 2012 and I’ve racked up a nice catalog of titles in that time and been blessed with some amazing covers if not the fame and fortune and critical acclaim one hopes to get out of writing and publishing books.

I’m super proud of that and while not all my books are still in print I just wanted to capture the snapshot of the timeline of my book releases to put things into perspective.

I’ve also got a couple of self published books on here and at the end I’ll add a prospective list of projects I’m hoping will actuate over the coming few years.

If you want to read the books I have still in print please let me know if you picked up a copy. I love getting feedback from readers. If you would like to review a particular title, if you can’t afford a copy, or if you want to read any of the books which are currently out of print, I can set you up with a digital copy.

November 2012

Houses are wild creatures which people need to capture and tame in order to live within them.

June 2014 (out of print)

The world is run by the milk industry. This is the story of the last remaining milkman after a climate catastrophe has wiped out all other life on earth.

November 2015

Self published poetry collection about the balance between beautiful poetry and violence/madness with a dash of cosmic overtones.

August 2016 (out of print)

An Australiana remote outback giant monster exploration thriller.

December 2016

A sci-fi/fantasy novellete (self published) about a wizard and a robot exploring the desolate wastelands of a dystopian planet of shifting sand dunes and buried histories.

February 2017

A cyberpunk inspired prose poem story of chaos and cosmic madness, following a group of ‘orphans’ in a city filled with murderous creatures and cryptic destinies.

August 2017 (out of print)

A pied piper style surreal cyberpunk thriller about a monster who plays hypnotic/destructive sounds as it leaves a path of destruction in its voyage through a planet made of glass.

June 2019

A narrative poem about a videogame character who is sucked through a portal from his videogame and into a world of poets. His presence there has stange and disastrous consequences on the environment.

Late 2019/Early 2020

A surreal young adult island thriller about a couple of teenagers going through an identity crisis as they explore the true nature of the shapeshifting monsters which crawl up onto the beach and threaten their lives.

So these are my current/future books which are locked in, and here’s what I’ve got tentatively planned for the future:

Tunnel of Love Forever

A narrative poem which was originally planned to be part of the Pixel Boy in Poetry World release, but didn’t quite fit with what my publisher was doing with it, so I’ll probably release it as an ebook, maybe in a slim print edition too, kind of like what I did with Wizard and Robot in the World of Sand and Bones.

Wizard & Robot & Monster & Man

This is a short story collection I haven’t talked about in public yet, but basically I wanted to bring together my favourite short stories and self-publish them primarily for fans of my novellas who want some more of my work that’s currently spread across various magazines and anthologies or other formats, or out of print. It’ll have just five stories, which are ‘Wizard and Robot in the World of Sand and Bones’, ‘Whoville Maximum Security Prison’, ‘the Dunpeal Trawler’, ‘Overgrown’, and my out of print kaiju novella, ‘Kaiju Canyon’.

Both of the above projects are written, it’ll just come down to timing and planning as to when and how I pull the trigger on them.

As for works in progress, I have:

Vampire of the Sun

A slice of life bizarro story about a couple who bring their newborn child home from the hospital to find a space baby crash landing in their back yard who has a thirst for flesh and blood and an allergy to darkness.

This one I’m aiming to have written and submitted within the month for a (fingers crossed) 2020 publication.

The Joy of Poetry With Bob Ross and Friends

A poetry collection about art and beauty and self-care and a memoir/meta angle.

I was pretty gung-ho on this earlier on in the year, but my focus has shifted for the time being such that I’ll come back to it later and filter what I’ve got and refine my focus and vision for it. Like my last poetry collection I’m not sure when it’ll find a home or how long that will take, but as my main focus is on surreal bizarro novellas at the moment, putting this collection on the backburner won’t really do any harm.

So that’s it for me for now. I hope some of these books and ideas appeal to you, and again, please feel free to reach out to me if you want to get your hands on my books!

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