Progress report: Week ending 10th June 2018

Currently reading: Sheet Music to my Acoustic Nightmare by Stephanie M. Wytovich

This week I finished reading Duluth, which was a very interesting read. I think I’ll have to spend a little time putting my thoughts into a review sooner or later because Gore Vidal sure packed a lot into that book.

I’m loving Wytovich’s poetry, and I’m probably going to chip away at a few other books while I read it. Mike Thorn’s Darkest Hours is at the top of my TBR hit list, along with Bob Freville’s Celebrity Terrorist Sex Bomb. I’ve also got an ARC of Nick Mamatas’ forthcoming short story collection the People’s Republic of Everything, which I started the other night.

I’ve got reviews coming of Justin Grimbol’s first book, Drinking Until Morning this week, and Andrew James Stone’s All Hail the House Gods coming next week. I’m hoping to have a bit more time to tee everything up and get ahead of my reviews soon because…

I finished writing my next novella!

Cherry Blossom Eyes came out at 22,346 words, and now that it’s done I can hopefully find a publisher for it. It’s currently in the submissions pile with Eraserhead Press, so I should find out from them by the end of July whether they want to pick it up or not.

In the mean time though, if you’re interested in reading it before anyone else, head over to my patreon page, where you can read the first few chapters for free, and I’ll be posting the whole thing as a digital unedited ARC at the end of the month, so if you get in soon you can reap those sweet sweet rewards.

At the moment I don’t have concrete plans for what comes next. I’ve got a few finished projects lined up now, so I think I’ll take a bit of a writing break, maybe shift back to poetry in the mean time, but use what free time I have now to shift more to promotion and social media, on top of being able to shift a lot of my focus back towards things on the home-front.

Here’s my social media report card since my last update:

Patreon: 2 followers/$16 (no update, goal – 5 followers)

WordPress: 62 followers (+1, goal – 75)

Facebook: 66 likes (unchanged, goal – 100)

Instagram: 188 followers (+9, goal – 200)

Twitter: 731 followers (+17, goal – 800)


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