Slowing down on the review front

As life typically has its complications, I’ve been glad to say that I’ve read and reviewed a lot of books so far this year. I had things padded out enough that if something were to come up I’d still be able to manage. But while consistency is ideal and I’m always trying to challenge myself on any number of fronts, when things catch up with me the best I can do is try not to let everything fall apart. I read a poetry book recently which I had planned to review this Monday just gone. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. Then I stressed a bit over how to approach it in a way which was honest but not unkind, subjective, yet able to see different perspectives in order to see where the value lies in its existence. The self-imposed deadline came and went. I decided I needed to reread it more closely. I started (Note: I haven’t charged right through it like I did the first time around). But I noticed that once I had resigned to the fact that I wasn’t going to smash out the reading then smash out the review and barrel on to the next big thing on my to-do list, I enjoyed the poetry more. I could savour it more in good time.

I’m not going to rush that review. I went from doing one leisurely review a week to two-three a week, depending on release dates, etc. I’ve got a growing TBR pile, but I’ve got some bigger books I want to sink my teeth into, so I might start dedicating more time towards those things I actively want to read and juggle them with my committed reviews to authors/publishers. My writing has fallen down by the wayside because of it too. I’ve been trying to juggle too many things into a space where there’s not enough time, and it’s led to more breaks in my good habits and more of a shift to late nights being all withdrawn and isolated and shit. Not good. I’ve been stepping back and doing non-writerly things I enjoy to unwind, but I need to step back into the game recharged, get that balance between work/home/social/writing back to where it needs to be. I’ve got a few ideas for things I want to put in place but for now I’m going to aim for a schedule of one review a week again and time spent at the keyboard making my novella happen.

Thanks for reading, and a shoutout to you if you can relate to any of this, if not specifically, at least the need to get your shit together and admitting you need a breather before you completely crumble.


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