Book review: Clash Magazine Issue 1


Available for preorder from Amazon Coming out April 17th

“CLASH Books presents Issue #1 of CLASH Magazine featuring some of the most talented writers working in the small press world today. CLASH brings together non-fiction, poetry, and fiction spanning different genres, perspectives, and unique voices including: Autumn Christian, Sam Pink, Daniel Knauf, Gabino Iglesias, Lisa Marie Basile, Stephanie Wytovich, Madeline Swann, Christoph Paul, Joanna C. Valente, Jayaprakash Satyamurthy, Danger Slater, Loren Kleinman, Charles Austin Muir, Ashley Inguanta, Brian Alan Ellis, Monique Quintana, Sam Richard, Stephanie Valente, Leza Cantoral, B. Diehl, Emily Paskevics, Maxwell Bauman, Kat Giordano, and Joel Amat Güell.”

Clash Books is a new publisher of fresh literary writing. I’ve read some of their latest titles, and I think something important to note is that they value variety. Using their books to convey a sense of diversity across races, cultures, genders, beliefs. Clash Magazine Vol. 1 packs a bit of everything into one small volume. Call it a sampler of sorts.

It’s compartmentalised into non-fiction, poetry, and fiction. There’s writing by some of my favourite writers – Gabino Iglesias, Danger Slater, Sam Pink, Justin Grimbol. Bits and pieces by authors who have been on my radar (and TBR pile) which I’ll definitely be checking out more now – Leza Cantoral, Stephanie M. Wytovich, Madeleine Swann, Autumn Christian, Maxwell Bauman. And others whose works have been hanging just outside my periphery.

If you look at what Clash Books and Clash Media is doing online and you think, “yeah, that looks pretty damn cool,” this magazine is the perfect introduction to some fantastic writers working today. Whether you’re familiar with these authors or not, chances are, it’ll bring a few more names to the forefront of your reading list. You’ll be smarter and cooler for having read this little lit sampler.

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