Progress report: Week ending 25th Mar 2018

Currently reading: Clash Magazine Vol. 1

That’s right! I finally finished reading Unlanguage. I’ll have a review up at the start of April to coincide with its release, and tomorrow I’ll have a review up of Wrath James White’s latest poetry collection. Both of which I still need to write a review for.

Books read this year: 20

Words written this week (long fiction): 2,199/3,500

Words written month-to-date:9,129/12,500

At the moment this month I’m over a week behind. I did have two weeks off for holidays in that time, and one week away from the computer, but it’s been a slow week for me, so I’m just trying to push through. I’m also doing some heavy revision on my work in progress, so that’s slowed me down a hell of a lot, but ultimately it’ll be for the best.

Short fiction yearly goal: 7,944/26,000

I did have my short story Snuff Film posted on Bizarro Central’s Flash Fiction Friday this week, so while I haven’t written any more on my next short story, at least that’s something I’m proud of.

Words written this year: 43,181/208,500

Work in progress: CBE – 3,362

I’m in the progress of revision, so I’ve got a bit over 8k words down on paper, but I’ve revised and expanded on the first 3k, with the remainder of the story so far going off on a relatively different tangent, so I think it’d be better to count the lower tally than the higher.

I’d also like to turn some of my focus towards tracking my progress on social media, as it’s something which is starting to take up a lot more of my time now, so it would be good to track my progress across various platforms, as some seem like they don’t have a lot of impact, others are just new to me, and others seem to be doing pretty well.

WordPress: 51 followers

Facebook author page: 64 likes

Instagram: 139 followers

Twitter: 647 followers

Last week’s poetry:

Jimbo Yojimbo 3



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