Progress report: Week ending 18th Mar 2018

Currently reading: Unlanguage by Michael Cisco

Books read this year: 19

Author’s note #1: I’ve been reading this book for a while now. Most of the books I read are usually somewhere around 100-200 pages long. I read a lot of poetry. A lot of the stuff I read is really easy to rip through. Unlanguage (forthcoming April 1 from Eraserhead Press) is just shy of 300 pages. Not massive, but it’s a monster. I’ll explain everything in my review when the book comes out, but it’s been slow going for this book in particular, and I’m sure once I get through it I’ll get back to my usual pace of ripping through books at a much more satisfying pace.

Words written this week (long fiction) 3,686/3,500

Words written month-to-date: 6,930/9,000 (end-of-month target: 15,500 words)

Author’s note #2: I’m still playing catch-up from my time off earlier in the month, so I’ve got my fingers crossed I can have some really strong writing days to pull it right back before the end of the month.

Short fiction yearly goal: 7,944/26,000

Author’s note #3: No new short fiction this week. I’m close to the end of a short story, but the novella has been taking up the majority of my focus and my short fiction is currently ahead of schedule at the moment so I’m happy to chip away at it in fits and bursts right now. The first short story I wrote this year that I’m happy with should be making its way online by the end of this week, so I’ll make a note to share that link come next week’s report.

Words written this year: 40,982/208,500

Work in progress: CBE – 6,513

Author’s note #4: I’ve successfully managed to go a full week of writing without scrapping my latest draft. The narrative is coming together nicely and it’s much smaller in scale than I had originally planned (much more intimate and personal) but I’m channeling my inner Junji Ito and pulling out some pretty disturbing material to pull this story together. I’m aiming for around 20,000 words, which should round out the story mid-April if everything goes to plan.

Last week’s poetry:

Jimbo Yojimbo 2

Haiku 003Haiku 004Haiku 005Haiku 006Haiku 007


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