Progress report: Week ending 11th Mar 2018

Author’s note #1 – I forgot to schedule these weekly roundups when I got back from my holiday, so I’m posting this a little late this week, but will get it lined right back up next week. Don’t worry about that! 🙂

Currently reading: Unlanguage by Michael Cisco

Books read this year: 19

Words written this week (long fiction): 2,827/3,500

Author’s note #2 – I was away from my desk for three of the days this week and another three days last week (1,720 words)

Words written this month: 3,244/15,500 (month-to-date – 3,244/5,500)

Short fiction yearly goal: 7,944/26,000

Words written this year: 37,296/208,500

Work in progress: CBE – 2,827

Author’s note #3 – Yes, I’ve got less words on my work in progress than I did two weeks ago. I keep starting over and over and over and over and the story keeps changing and changing and changing and changing. The fact is, I was pushing the story in a direction which didn’t feel right. I was pushing the characters in ways that didn’t feel right. At the moment I’m embarking into raw new territory for me as a writer in terms of subject matter and theme, but it feels right for the story and I’m curious to see how it will unfold as the story progresses. I’m keen to pump this version of the story out in (fingers crossed) about a month and a bit. I want to keep it short, keep it a bit more linear and cohesive than what I usually aim for. I don’t want to have an overreaching ambition get the better of me with this story.

And I’m going to start rounding off these posts with some blackout poems and haiku which I’ve started posting online, so here are the first few below:

Jimbo Yojimbo 1

Haiku 001Haiku 002


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