Goals for 2018

Hi all! Welcome to 2018.

2017 saw two new books from me in the Orphanarium (Eraserhead Press) and Girl in the Glass Planet (Bizarro Pulp Press).

Despite these publications going through, 2017 was a tough year. My review game was weak (both writing and receiving reviews) and my sales definitely could have been stronger. I attempted to start up a poetry publishing house called Hawkline Press, and had the manuscripts and cover art more or less ready to go, but the weight of my failures crumbled down on top of me.

I took it hard.

I felt like my best years were behind me.

And yet those two books did happen. And other things happened too. My short story “The Dunpeal Trawler” came out in the Dead Bait 4 anthology. I started a Patreon account and I’ve got one supporter over there. And that support from just one person means so much to me. The last half of 2017 was a big personal journey for me, for digging deep within myself and figuring out what I want and where I want to go and how I want to proceed from here.

Writing took a step back while I figured those things out, but I’m ready to step back into the arena and throw a few punches around. I’ve got a solid plan for 2018, and mostly, it’s a plan for January. Really, it’s more a plan for this week. Actually, it’s a plan for tomorrow. Definitely, it’s a plan for today.

Reading goals for 2018:

Half an hour every day, first thing in the morning.

I want to post weekly updates of my progress, so I’ll include my “currently reading” books and “recently finished” books in the updates, and I’ll post reviews every Wednesday unless my reviews list catches up with my reading list, in which case I’ll post the reviews the Wednesday after I finish each book. So far I’ve got reviews to cover January and February, and I’ll be finishing Kirsten Alene’s “Unicorn Battle Squad” tomorrow.

I’ll also be keeping a list going of all the books I read and review in 2018 to track my progress that way too.

Writing goals for 2018:

I’m keeping all my goals fairly simple this year. I aim to meet the consistent goal of 500 words per day. Which will spill over into 3,500 words per week and 14,000-15,500 words per month, totaling 182,500 words for the year. In my updates I’ll post how I’m tracking for the week and for the month. And to keep it focused I’ll only be counting these words written as words which I’m putting towards my novel/novella in progress. I figure this way I should be able to finish at least 4 drafts this year.

On top of this I aim to set aside 500 words on Fridays specifically for short stories or flash fiction, which will give me 26,000 words of short fiction by the end of the year.

And lastly, I’ve got a poetry goal which is a bit more vague, but still clear enough that I’ve got a solid template to work with, and that’s simply to write at least 10 poems a month for the year, totaling 120 poems for the year.

With those at hand I should be able to compile a few books and even if 2018 is a quiet year for publishing, it should set me up pretty well for the years ahead, while also giving me a platform to share my goals with others and connect with more writers in the online community.

At the moment I’m planning to publish one book this year, my poetry collection “Baptism III” which has been in the pipelines for a long time now. I’ve got a recently compiled zine, “The Man Place”, which I’m hoping to release early this year too, and if I can hit my writing goals in the early part of this year, I’m hoping to have my next bizarro manuscript ready to submit to Eraserhead Press for their next open reading period which I think is in April.

For now, I’ll have my first book review up tomorrow, Carlton Mellick III’s “Parasite Milk”, and then we’ll get the ball rolling. Happy reading, happy writing, and happy new year!


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