Milkman Days #5: Jeremy Maddux

Jeremy Maddux is a pretty rad dude.

He’s an editor for the Surreal Grotesque magazine, and the host of his own bizarro-themed podcast, Surreal Sermons. He reads a ton of bizarro books from a wide variety of authors and publishers (how can he keep up with them all?!?!?!).

On top of his diligent reading and interviewing habits, Jeremy is also hard at work on his own writing, and if he invests even a fraction of the time on his writing that he does on investing himself in the bizarro community getting to know books and people, then I think we’ll be in for a real treat.

Jeremy, we’re all rooting for you.

For all his hard work and dedication Jeremy Maddux is today’s honorary milkman.

“I am totally comfortable calling S.T. a modern day Richard Brautigan for his consistently playful and arresting imagery. His word pictures are like Brom paintings.”

Keep an eye out for the next release from Surreal Grotesque, an anthology called Vertigo Schisms, featuring my story, the Orphanarium, alongside G. Arthur Brown, David W. Barbee, Vincenzo Bilof, Kevin Strange, and others.



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