Milkman Days #4: Gabino Iglesias

Gabino Iglesias is my bionic brother. We went through the NBAS together. He’s a great writer, journalist, and friend. There’s a lot to admire in his work ethic and his dedication to the small press scene. He reads a ton of top quality small press books and publishes reviews on some pretty awesome lit websites. His writing is always appearing in awesome anthologies, and he’s got a whole bunch of other stuff going on behind the scenes that I don’t even know much about, but I know Gabino is incredibly awesome. That’s all anyone really needs to know about him.

Oh, and he wrote this wicked, visceral dystopian beast of a book, called Gutmouth. It’s about a man with a mouth in his gut. And the complications that come with it. And the horrible, depraved world in which such beings exist.

For being a total badass with everything he does, Gabino is today’s honorary milkman.

“S.T. Cartledge is one of those rare authors who seem to have an innate understanding of how the bizarro genre works and what needs to be done to deliver great stories. In Day of the Milkman, he starts by reinventing the shipwreck genre and ends up reinventing his own elegant prose. Sure, this is weird and has touches of science fiction, but it’s also proof that Cartledge will be a very relevant voice in strange fiction for a long time to come.”



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