Vampire novella playlist

So I’m attempting to write a bizarro vampire novella over the course of April. I’ve compiled a playlist of songs to listen to while I write. I will probably mostly just listen to these few songs for the whole month to try and keep me in the right mindset. What I’m going for is an action-packed sci-fi fantasy adventure, but I want the plot to be layered into a style of writing which is quite poetic, giving the story a surreal dreamscape quality to it. As such, the songs I’ve chosen are mostly electronic, few have vocals, all of them have a smooth, calming effect on me.


1: The Girl in Byakkoya – Susumu Hirasawa

2: Bob Gandhi – Ratatat

3: Snakeing – Plaid

4: Unluck – James Blake

5: Space Cadet – Flume

6: Veronika’s Dream – Floex

7: Voyager – Daft Punk

8: Flim – Aphex Twin

9: First Snow – Emancipator

10: Transmission 2 – DJ Shadow

11: Roygbiv – Boards of Canada

12: 8-Bit Cosmos – Bop

13: The Curtain Falls – Evol Intent

14: The Eraser – Thom Yorke

15: Chacruna – DJ Fresh

16: First Fires (Ft. Grey Reverend) – Bonobo

17: Aruarain Dance – Nujabes

18: Everloving – Moby


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