Review: You Are Sloth! by Steve Lowe

You Are Sloth!

Steve Lowe

Eraserhead Press, 2013

131 pages

HAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!! Bizarro is pretty cool and all, but this book mixes cool and dumb and huh and smart in the best way possible. It’s written in the second person point of view. YOU are Sloth! Why second person? Because fuck you is why! This is Steve Lowe at his funniest. You turn into a sloth, you get mixed up in some sort of moronic internet spam/bizarre sex fetish plot and you’re on the hunt for the broken-English-speaking spammer who put you in this situation. But it’s pretty difficult, because you’re a sloth. Why? The logic is a little fuzzy (who am I kidding, it’s VERY fuzzy), and you go through the thought processes trying to answer questions that are largely unanswerable. You go along for the ride. It’s in your slothy nature. The characters are cartoonish without seeming insincere. The plot gets more absurd as the story progresses. It’s fun, it’s wild, at times it’s terrifying/gross, but it’s always, always entertaining. Steve has constructed a book that shouldn’t work, all things considered. It probably COULDN’T work, if it were left in the hands of another author. What should be a gimmick is instead a crazy fun book that works so well. I’d imagine part of this would also come down to having Kevin Donihe on board as editor. I often find myself very impressed with the books he edits and the authors he chooses to work with. Steve Lowe is certainly no exception. You are Sloth! Buy Sloth Now!

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