Review: Chick Bassist,

I finished reading this book yesterday. I read it on and off for about a couple of weeks. It’s not a long read, and you could easily bang it out in a couple of hours. I probably would have preferred it more like that. However, I found reading it in short bursts to be pretty engaging in its own way. What Ross has written here is a stylish, gritty punk-rock novella. Chick Bassist primarily follows Erin Locke: the Queen of Rock, Christian, and Robbie Snow. It frequently changes perspectives (third for Erin, second for Christian, and first for Robbie. Ross handles these shifts masterfully. Each character perspective has its own distinct voice, the quality of the prose is high.

The plot follows these three characters, ex-members of the recently disbanded rock trio “Heroes for Goats” as they go their separate ways. The characters, the plot, the scene, it all feels organic, authentic. Full credit to Ross, this book has captured what the music scene feels like in all its violent, self-destructive, anarchistic glory.

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