The adventures of a space walrus

Space Walrus by Kevin L. Donihe

I’m a fan of Kevin L. Donihe. I thought Washer Mouth was amazing. I loved the Flappy Parts. And Night of the Assholes was awesome. Yet, for some reason I haven’t read his Wonderland Award winning House of Houses. But his latest, Space Walrus, is fantastic. Look at that cover. Fucking drink it in through your eyes. That is a beautiful space walrus. You don’t NEED anything more to convince yourself to go buy it right now. It’s about a walrus in space. That’s the concept, that’s the story, that’s the bread and butter of it. But if you really must know, it’s about a walrus named Walter in a space program training him for all sorts of space adventures. He’s not as awesome as he’d like to be. His alter ego, the Space Walrus, his ultimate space-conquering fantasy persona, is far from reality. Yet he wants to be this amazing creature, to show the chimps what he’s capable of. To show Dr. Ron. And to impress Dr. Stephanie. There’s a great depth to this story, and the characters are fantastic. Part of me wishes Space Walrus were a more action-packed thrill ride (perhaps an entire novel dedicated to the adventures of the fantastical Space Walrus), yet what we have here is a fantastically constructed story that will break your heart. It’s about a fucking space walrus, but it’s fucking tragic. And that’s what Kevin does so well. And of course, I felt that reading this book was enhanced by my experience of reading it on a plane far above the earth, and reading it in Kevin’s wildly engaging voice. Get space walrus now, or a giant space walrus will come down and impale you on his glorious, shining tusks.




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