Win a spot in Garrett Cook and J. David Osborne’s Online Bizarro Workshop

If you’re plugged in to the Bizarro community, you might be aware that I’ve got my first book out in the 2012/13 New Bizarro Author Series. My book is called “House Hunter”, and it’s available right now on Amazon and various other online bookstores. You’re probably also familiar with the authors Garrett Cook and J. David Osborne.

To get things kicked off, I’m running a competition in which you can win a spot in Garrett Cook and J. David Osborne’s online Bizarro workshop. You might have already guessed that from the title.

A little bit of background into why I’m doing this competition:

The first draft of House Hunter came from the first workshop I did with Garrett, during his 10,000 word weekend challenge. I have also taken his workshop one time since then, co-run with Bradley Sands. The workshop was a fantastic experience, with interesting workshop exercises and great feedback. Garrett Cook doesn’t hold back with his criticisms. He wants you to do your best, so he will constantly point out your flaws and suggest ways for you to improve. If you haven’t done a workshop with Garrett in the past and you’re looking to work your way into the Bizarro community, or even if you’re looking to refine your Bizarro writing skills, a workshop like this can only be a good thing.

How to enter:

If you buy a copy of my book between now and December 7th (you have two weeks), you will enter the draw. If you write a review for the book in that time, I will put your name down again. And if you put the review up on multiple places (eg. Amazon, Goodreads, your blog, etc.) they will each qualify for another entry into the competition. To enter, just email me at with some form of proof of purchase and/or links to reviews.

The workshop takes place in January, and I will announce the winner within the day and sort out the details with Garrett right away. This way, if you miss out and you’re still interested in enroling in the workshop, you will still have time to do so. I highly recommend it.

Thank you and good luck!


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