Review: Gigantic Death Worm By Vince Kramer

Original Review From the Surreal Grotesque Issue 3

If this book were a movie, it would feature Vince Kramer playing multiple characters in many different wigs and costumes that are all obviously him. Some comedy is like that. The Mighty Boosh, Monty Python, all of that far-fetched stuff that could only exist from the creativity of those lunatics involved. They go for the crude, the vulgar, the obnoxiously entertaining, and you feel like you’re not just getting wild stories out of it, you’re also granted passage into the minds of the people that created it.

You pick up Gigantic Death Worm and you get a large slice of Vince along with it. It’s a combo-package deal.

His writing style reminds me of an artist who did a series of pictures where he got a whole bunch of kids to do a whole bunch of drawings of monsters and he redrew them to look more realistic. And the kids had all sorts of strange, crooked shapes and limbs and eyes and things sticking out in odd places, and strange ideas like baseball monsters and things. There was no point to it, but it was crazy awesome.

It’s like Vince sat down with a bunch of kids and got them to tell him all sorts of crazy and nonsensical junk, and then he took it and made it more crazy and nonsensical, violent and pornographic, and then strung it together in a single, crazy, nonsensical story and polished it up a bit. And there are copious amounts of that youthful sense of wonder and spontaneity and excitement and imagination. It doesn’t need to be poignant. It’s got shit blowing up and shit being awesome. What more do you need?

This book is about these totally awesome frat dudes and this chick who get stuck out on a ski lift, and there’s bears that spit wolves, then there are these gigantic death worms and these Mexican ninjas and it’s totally badass, and it’s the end of the world. It’s gross and comedic and violent and vulgar and crazy and wicked fast paced and fun. Reading should be fun. And you can tell that Gigantic Death Worm is all about fun. It’s crazy, stupid, afternoon-killing fun and it serves as a reminder not to take everything so seriously.

And it’s glaringly obvious that, on top of everything, Vince had a ball writing the damn thing. A writer who truly, madly loves what he does? I can’t say no to that.

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