Soundtracks +1

I’m surprised I forgot about this other soundtrack when I was writing up my last post on anime soundtracks. But I guess I’ll put my excuse down to not having given the soundtrack a full listen yet. The movie is “Paprika”, by Satoshi Kon, and the composer is Susumu Hirasawa.

I love this film. I’ve watched it through a few times now, and I love the music. It’s just really fun to listen to. It’s got this explosive electronic energy to it that matches the film perfectly. It’s really strange and surreal. And Susumu Hirasawa has done music for a couple of other projects by Satoshi Kon, the film “Millenium Actress” and the TV series “Paranoia Agent”. They’re both worth checking out. Satoshi Kon’s films are really something completely different, fantastic films with crazy, mind-bending plots. Paprika is definitely my favourite, and Perfect Blue is not far behind it (although Susumu Hirasawa didn’t do the music for that film). Both Susumu Hirasawa and Satoshi Kon have a quirky charm about their work that really fits well with each other.

I also love this song from Paranoia Agent. The uploader of the video referred to the series as Japan’s “Twin Peaks”, which I think is an interesting idea. I can see where they’re coming from. I also recall reading that Paprika was an influence on Christopher Nolan’s “Inception”. The main difference being that Paprika isn’t so scientific about the architecture of dreams and such, and therefore they’re way more fucking crazy. And I read that Darren Aronofsky holds some sort of remake rights for Perfect Blue because he wanted to recreate a scene from Perfect Blue in his film “Requiem for a Dream”, which I haven’t seen yet, but I’m totally going to get around to it soon.

But anyway, Paprika, great film, great music. Satoshi Kon and Susumu Hirasawa are fantastic creative people I can’t recommend enough.

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