NaNoWriMovember: Day 12

It feels like a fair bit is going on lately. If only more of it were NaNoWriMo related, I’d be remotely close to target. Oh well, my last day of doing many extra shifts at work is tomorrow, then I’ll be back to working three (or four) days a week. I’m not making excuses though, I’ve been lazy. But I’m going to make up for it in my free time. I’m going to get around to starting a steampunk/cyberpunk/vampire story soon (to submit to an anthology) which I think will begin with two million tons of guts gushing through the streets of Melbourne. It’s going to be pretty insane, that’s all I’m going to say.

I’m also going to finish my exposition chapter of my novella. Well, it’s not so much exposition as world-building/basic plot and conflict stuff, but more of a character exposition, to get to know the narrator, I guess would be one way to put it. And then I’m itching to get started on the epilogue, mainly while I’ve got the idea in my head. Because I was planning the story to pan out a particular way, and then I wrote the prologue with a completely different tone, and then I decided to work on a kind of related short story, and then I thought of another short story that could close the narrative. So I think it’ll end up somewhat linked to my original concept, a proper cohesive narrative, with short narratives interwoven throughout the main narrative. I’m really looking forward to the point where it all comes together. In the beginning I thought of it as a surreal retelling of the Road. Then it felt like if the Road were more like that crazy Coke ad where a wild fantasy world existed inside the vending machine. Now I sort of see it as a mix of those with that post-apocalyptic ragdoll film, 9. Depressing, stunning, and epic from one moment to the next.

I ended up finishing a second essay, this one was on fan fiction. I’m keen on starting more essays. I know once they’re done they’ll need to undergo heavy editing and restructuring, but it feels good to be writing about this sort of stuff to sort out where my head’s at, where my writing’s at, and where the industry’s at.

I’d also like to commit to completing part two of Once Upon A Time On Mars. For a number of reasons. The story has been brewing for quite a while now and I just need to keep plugging away at it. The more I write now, the less I have to write later, and the more time I can spend on editing part two. I’d like to shoot for a January/February release for part two. At least before uni goes back. It’s be awesome if I could add another 7-10,000 words on to the story. I got my results back for my creative writing major project, which consisted of Once Upon A Time On Mars part one and a 3,000 word essay. I’m yet to read my tutor’s comments, but my mark of 43.5/50 has got me real eager to develop the story further and get more online as soon as possible. And I’ve also got an awesome cover for it now, thanks to my awesome friend Jason.

I also had a book delivery arrive last week, and I’ve consciously pushed my writing aside to read books. In particular, I had been hanging out for Scott Westerfeld’s “Goliath” It’s the final book in his steampunk/biopunk “Leviathan Trilogy” set in alternate history WWII.

The series is a ridiculously good fun read. It’s young adult, but it doesn’t get bogged down in sappy coming-of-age melodrama. Mainly because all that sort of stuff is juxtaposed with wicked fights and massive war beasts/machines and badass explosions and shit. The sort of stuff I’d love to cram into my own steampunk writing (maybe if/when I get around to rewriting the steampunk novel I did for NaNoWriMo two years ago…)

So yeah, I’m sitting somewhere between 8 and 9,000 words, where I should be around 20. But I look forward to taking up the challenge and catching up over the next couple of weeks. Also, the Movember aspect of this month is starting to take shape. I shaved for the first time since Nov 1 and now I’ve got this handlebar mustache type thing going on that just needs to fill out a bit over the next couple of weeks. And then it’ll be pretty glorious and it will stop prostate cancer and male depression dead in their tracks.


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