I Am So Glad There Is Justice In The World

So I figured that before I resort to smashing your brain over the head with the hefty, blunt object that is my 2011 NaNoWriMo/vember crusade (which will ultimately consume this blog for the month of November while I write a lengthy amount of fiction and grow a [not so lengthy] mustache), I’ll talk about something completely unrelated for the time being.

I am so glad there is Justice in the world.

I’m not talking about this justice:

I’m talking about this Justice:

Yeah, those two French guys that make that cool disco music. And they’re also not to be confused with these French guys that also make cool disco music too:

Who are also really awesome, but for now I want to talk about Justice.

So, why Justice? Well, they released their second album this year, Audio, Video, Disco. Four years in the making, and I’ve been listening to it nonstop since I bought it. It’s pretty damn catchy. I mean, going back to their debut album, † (cross), to that first song on that first album, Genesis. Nothing kicks off an album quite like Genesis does on .

Horsepower isn’t quite Genesis, but then again, what is? Horsepower isn’t quite Genesis, but it’s still pretty awesome.

And the rest of the album is filled with super catchy synth-tastic riffs and wicked beats and shit. Just look at the first single off the album. The video’s pretty cool too.

And that pretty much goes for the whole album. Even the 27 second filler track has its own charms. And the hidden track after Audio, Video, Disco, is awesome in its own way.

The album is awesome. That’s all there is to it. And that’s all I want to talk about before I bombard this space with “NaNoWriMovember Day x: Today I wrote x amount of words and here is how my mustache is growing.” I bet you’re looking forward to that.

So, yeah, in the beginning there was Justice. There was Genesis. Then they were all like “Let there be disco and strobe lights and shit.”

And it was all good. was awesome, and then there was Audio, Video, Disco. And it was all good.

And I am so glad there is Justice in the world.


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