The travelling pharmacy: A holiday story

Part 3: The places in between good food

Thursday night we went to Lygon street. The Italian restaurant strip. We had a few drinks at the University Hotel bar to get out of the cold. We had dinner at an Italian seafood restaurant called Il Gambero. Here, I had probably one of the best pizzas I’ve ever eaten. If you’re staying in Melbourne and going to Lygon street for dinner, you might want to take that into consideration. And I’ve eaten a few pizzas in my time. It was comparable to the best pizzas I’ve had in Perth, which were at the Lago di Como, if you’re wondering.

At this point, I was still trying to control my persistent cold and my ears weren’t letting up from Wednesday’s flights.

Friday was more shopping. Queen Victoria Markets. Lots of cheap shit. More beneficial if you live in Melbourne and you’re going there for fresh produce. At the markets I bought one CD. The Watchmen Soundtrack, for $11 at a place called the Music Jungle. Small store, but it’s got lots of quirky music. If I had managed to go to Polyester books, there would have been a good chance I would have checked out a few of the music stores around that area. Brunswick street in Fitzroy. Not too far from the city. I remember going to a second hand music store last time I was in Melbourne and finding some great cheap music.

I got the Watchmen soundtrack because I love the Watchmen. The film, the graphic novel, I love the moral ambiguity and conflicting interests. I got the original score soundtrack, and I think there’s another album which is the songs used in the film. I wouldn’t mind getting that one too at some point. I haven’t had a good listen to the soundtrack yet, just like I’ve got the tales of the black freighter film sitting around waiting to be watched, but it’s all part of the Watchmen experience.

I also bought Incubus’ new album from JB Hi-Fi in the city. I’m an Incubus fan and their album Morning View is one of my favourite albums. I haven’t listened to an Incubus album quite as good as that one. Again, I’m yet to give their new album a proper listen, but if it’s like their other albums, it should at least go somewhere interesting.

From there we went into Richmond for some shopping. Caught the tram. Didn’t really find much.

Went to a pharmacy in the city and picked up some Neurofen. They said I’d need prescription meds to sort my ears out. They also said getting on a plane without sorting my ears out could do permanent damage. I’d rather that weren’t the case.

Went to the Crown casino for dinner. Went to an Italian restaurant called Cervo. Had a brilliant spaghetti carbonara. My dad and brother decided to stay and gamble. I went back to the hotel with my mum to rest up. We were planning on seeing a doctor about my ears in the morning. Caught the free city tram about half way home before it finished for the night. Wandered through the city. Came across an independent book shop called the Paperback. It was kind of like what Polyester would be without all the cult/sex/fetish books. Small and cramped and filled with indie/literary/poetry/underground books. Kind of like Crow books here in Perth, except there was no graphic novel/manga section in the Paperback. There, I bought T.S. Eliot’s collected poems 1909-1962, Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities and Michel Foucault’s The Spectacle of the Manifold. I haven’t read/started reading any of them yet. But it was a good small bookshop.

Melbourne by Night

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