I’m going on holidays shortly. A trip with my family over east to watch some football and do some shopping and touristing. This will be my fourth trip to Melbourne over the past couple of years, and my first trip to Sydney. It’s just a week all up, but I’m looking forward to it.

But before I get right into blabbing about all that stuff, I’ve got fiction to plug. I had my first bizarro short story published at Bizarro Central here and my second bizarro short story published at the New Flesh here. And I’m compiling a list of publications here. I’m hoping they’re the first of what is soon to be a lot more. Garrett Cook has accepted my poem ‘Self-Loathing in Legoland’ for his ezine ‘Nuckelavee’. I’m not sure when it’s going to come out, so it’ll just be a matter of keeping an eye out for that one.

This month is also JulNoWriMo, the unofficial NaNoWriMo equivelant which I attempted last year and got 25,000 words in. I’ve got my story that I want to work on, but I haven’t been able to get the motivation going this time around. I’m going to take my notes and my original short story with me on holidays and see if anything sparks. I like what I’m writing and what I’m planning, but it’s taking a bit of work to start bringing it all together. I’ve got a playlist built up of music to try and get my creative juices flowing. It’s mostly  hardcore punk, progressive rock and metal music.

And if writing my novel(la) fails, I’d love to write some more flash fiction/poetry that seems to be going alright lately. Maybe something involving my one-sentence hero, Cactusman. I’ll probably do what usually works for me, and write when the mood strikes.

And if writing flash fiction fails, I’ve got my books. I’ve decided I’m not going to start reading anything new, so I’m taking Jimmy Plush: Teddy Bear Detective, by Garrett Cook, Hunting the Moon Tribe, by David Agranoff, Kraken, by China Mieville, and because it’s been on my mind lately, with the tv show and the new book coming out, I’m going to pick back up on A Game of Thrones, by George R.R. Martin. Most likely, I’ll go bookshopping in Melbourne, maybe pick up some graphic novels/manga, maybe some bargains/secondhand books, and then shop around for anime and bargain music. Should be a good holiday.

Then when I get back, I’ll be straight back into uni, my second last semester in my undergraduate degree, and I’ll be working on my creative writing supervised project. I’m thinking I’ll either use the class to write my novella, Once Upon a Time On Mars, revive old stories (what I guess you’d call “novelettes”), something like the Great Ice-Popsicle Migration or the Electric Elf-Land Execution (not a huge fan of the name, only got about half way through this story the first time around) or maybe a collection of short stories, if that’s permitted. Whatever I do, I should hopefully be another step closer to preparing a manuscript for the New Bizarro Author Series, which is my next major goal as a writer.

I would love the chance to revisit some older stories/unfinished stories and make them more meaningful, work on characterisation and gender constructs, which I’ve been really focusing on a lot lately.

I’m really looking forward to the next few months, getting out, shaking things up a bit, forcing myself into writing, hopefully getting a few more publications and such, breathing life into my space cowboys. Or I could spend hours on end watching series after series of dense psychological anime that sends me into a severe downward spiral and a long-lasting episode of depression. I have Neon Genesis Evangelion to thank for that outlook on life.


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